When is Ramadan 2024? All About Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of reflection, spirituality, and repentance it is mainly the spiritual journey of Muslims all around the world. The ninth month of the Islamic or Hijri calendar, Ramadan 2024 will be a period of deep meditation and self-restraint for Muslims across the world.

When is Ramadan 2024?

Here comes a question When is Ramadan 2024? Most probably Ramadan will start after the evening of 10 March in Saudia Arabia and on 11 March in Pakistan. It depends upon the age of the moon. This article aims to shed light on this significant time of the year, its importance, and its observance.

When is Ramadan 2024?

The Dawn of Ramadan 2024

Ramadan starts with the sighting of the crescent moon, which is expected to occur on or around March 10th or 11th, 2024. This day marks the start of the one-month-long journey of self-discipline, spirituality, and dedication.

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Spiritual Importance of Ramadan

Ramadan is the month in which the holy Quran was given to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and occupies a particular place in the hearts of Muslims. It is mainly a golden time for Muslims for their personal growth, spiritual development, and a chance to get closer to Allah Almighty.

For Muslims, Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal, devotion, and self-discipline. It serves as a reminder of the importance of faith, compassion, and humility in one’s life.

Fasting: The Essence of Ramadan

Fasting from dawn to sunset is an important aspect of Ramadan. This ritual requires not only physical fasting from food and drink but also refraining from bad behavior and sexual acts. The goal of this hard exercise is to cultivate ‘Taqwa’ – a sense of Allah’s presence.

During Ramadan, Muslims spend more time with the Quran, with some even trying to read the sacred scripture in its entirety. It’s a time for meditation, self-improvement, and community service to help those in need and share resources.

The Uniqueness of Ramadan Dates

Every year, Ramadan starts about 10 to 12 days earlier than the preceding year. This is because the Muslim calendar is based on the lunar Hijri calendar, which is shorter than the solar year. As a result, the dates of Ramadan change on an annual basis and can even be commemorated twice a year, like in 2030.

Fasting Hours Around the World

The length of the fast varies according to geographical area. Muslims in the southernmost countries, such as Chile or New Zealand, will fast for approximately 12 hours, whilst those in the northernmost ones, such as Iceland or Greenland, will fast for more than 17 hours.

The Shared Iftar Times

The meal before beginning the fast is known as ‘Suhoor’, while the supper after sunset is known as ‘Iftar’. Cities at the same longitude have identical Iftar hours, whilst those on the other side of the world will be prepared to begin their fast with Suhoor.

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The Ending of Ramadan: Eid Ul-Fitr

Eid Ul Fitr

The sighting of the moon marks the conclusion of Ramadan and the beginning of the next month. This year, Ramadan is expected to end on April 9 or 10, followed by the celebration of Eid Ul-Fitr the following day. This joyous festival is a time for Muslims to gather in prayer and celebrate the successful end of Ramadan.

Festivities of Eid Al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is one of Islam’s two great holidays. Traditions differ around the world, but it is typical for families to buy new clothes, dress up, come together, and share gifts or money. It is a day of gladness and celebration following a month of penance and self-control.

The Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

The final ten nights of Ramadan are regarded particularly sacred. Laylat Al-Qadr, also known as the “Night of Power,” falls during this time. Good deeds are thought to be considerably multiplied on this night, therefore Muslims spend the night in introspection, prayer, and other virtuous acts.

The Spirit of Charity in Ramadan

Charity in ramadan

Ramadan is also a season of greater charity. It is a month during which Muslims attempt to help their neighbors and those in need throughout the world. The goal is to not only develop personally but also to constructively contribute to the community and society.

The Community Aspect of Ramadan

Ramadan is about both individual spirituality and community bonding. Mosques throughout the country host Iftars, meals for breaking the fast that are available to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Families and friends also host Iftars, where they break their fasts, spend time together, and participate in religious activities.


As we prepare for Ramadan 2024, it’s vital to remember the spiritual meaning of the month. It’s a time for Muslims to reflect, exercise self-control, and grow closer to Allah Almighty. Ramadan is a time for personal and spiritual growth, whether via fasting, prayer, reading the Quran, or donating to charity.


When does Ramadan 2024 start?

10 or 11 March 2024.

How long is Ramadan 2024?

29 or 30 days, depending on the moon’s age.

 When does Ramadan 2024 end?

Around 9 or 10 April.

When is Laylat al-Qadr 2024?

Laylat-al-Qadr is one of the last 10 odd nights of Ramadan and the 27th night, according to some hadith narrations. 27th Ramadan might fall on 7 April. Remember to keep checking the islamicquoteslibrary website for an updated Islamic calendar.

When Does Eid al-Fitr 2024 Start?

Eid-al-Fitr 2024 might fall on or near 10 April, depending on moonsighting and its age.

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