Dua To Control Anger & Overcome On It

Dua To Control Anger

Humans naturally experience anger, which is a strong emotion that can range in intensity from slight annoyance to extreme hatred and fury. The latter is potentially harmful. It can burn fiercely within someone, making them want to exact retribution and urge them to attack the target of their hatred. It is hard for a person to totally avoid it because it is natural. But fury is something that can be understood and managed.

Anger, hate, and jealousy are legitimate emotions, but they shouldn’t be sustained. It’s crucial to comprehend the emotion, but to restrain oneself from acting on it in order to prevent negative effects. In Surah Maryam, Allah (SWT) refers to the event involving Prophet Ibrahim (AS). “I will surely stone you, so avoid me a prolonged time,” warned the father of the prophet Ibrahim (AS). “Peace be upon you,” he said. The Prophet made the decision to extend blessings and pardon even when he was furious.

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Dua To Control Anger

Dua for controlling your anger In Arabic

أَعُوذُ بِاللَّهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطانِ الرَّجِيْمِ

Dua to control anger In English Transcription

A’oothu billaahi minash-Shaytaanir-rajeem

Dua to control anger in English

I seek refuge with Allah against the Satan, the outcast.

Sulaiman bin Sarad narrated: While we were seated next to the Prophet (ﷺ), two individuals mistreated each other. One of the two reddened in the face as he violently mistreated his partner. “I know a word (sentence) the saying of which if this man says it will cause him to relax,” declared the Prophet (ﷺ). Only if he declared, “I seek refuge with Allah from the outcast, Satan.” 6115 in Al-Bukhari

Why Should We Control Our Anger? Dealing with anger in Islam

Prophet Muhammad’s advice on anger (P.B.U.H)

Dua To Control Anger

Negative emotions in Islam

Whether or not anger is provoked, a person can choose to control it by responding to it in a way that is approved by the Quran and the customs of the Prophet Muhammad, or he can give in to the surge of emotion and act in a way that enrages God but appeases Satan.

Hadith on reward of Controlling Anger

The standards outlined in Islam have clear benefits as well. God is pleased and the one who learns to manage their wrath receives something in return. Saying, the Prophet (P.B.U.H)

“If anyone suppresses anger when he is in a position to give vent to it, God, the exalted, will call him on the Day of Resurrection and ask him to choose from the rewards offered.”(Abu Dawood)

He also said, “No one has swallowed back anything more excellent in the sight of God, who is Great and Glorious, than anger, seeking to please God.”(At Tirmidhi)

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Seeking refuge in Allah

This little dua needs to be said multiple times during the day. By doing this, you may better manage your resentment and wrath and guard yourself against the devil’s sly nudges.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is claimed to have said that if someone recite “A’uzu Billah” in anger, their anger will go. These are a few genuine duas to ask Allah to pardon your sins.

How to clean your heart from jealousy

Hasad is the Arabic word for jealousy. Numerous publications exist that highlight the negative consequences of envy. Islam permits rivalry among mankind, but it forbids competing while harboring malice toward others. Haram, or hasad, is likened to illness. Allah (SWT) has given us a dua to recite in Surah Al-Mu’minun to ask for protection from bad ideas and purify our minds from sentiments of envy and jealously.

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